Another busy weekend

Do I miss those weekend before kid.. hmm.. just relax, stay in bed late… I do miss it sometime, but now, I’m looking forward for those little hands to open my eye lid and seeing cute face when its open…. Yup! That’s my weekend now. Tyra will woke us up, but she’s too cute for you to be mad at. Then she’ll turn on the TV and ask you to change the channel to Disney cause she want to see Johnny (Johnny & the Sprites) hahaha.. 

No such thing as a nice quite weekend anymore, my husband will always finds things for us to do as family. This weekend we went to Children Expo at the Denver Convention Center. They have live performance from Disney Choo Choo Soul Train. Tyra love it and just keep on dancing all the time..

We also was invited to a friend’s house (Nellie) to celebrate Chinese NY. She’s from Malaysia, her husband is Korean. She own a restaurant in Parker, we met through Jody a wonderful friends of ours not long ago, but Nellie is such a nice and wonderful person, I felt like we know her for a long time.


One response

  1. The expo looks like fun. I wanted to go as well but there’s too much going on here that I forgot about it! Like Tyra’s balloon hat!

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