My sister

My sister works for Ernst & Young  in Jakarta – Indonesia. She have a degree in Economic from University of Trisakti Jakarta – Indonesia. She just sent me the picture of where she works and some of her co -worker. On the first picture, she’s the last one on the right and on the second picture, she’s the one wearing pink shirt. Isn’t she’s pretty? I am (we all are) so proud of my baby sister. She’s really is the youngest in the family.

Does education really makes a different? Maybe and I think family values does too. I know some young people who is the same age as Marissa (my sister) and only have a high school degree (because of that their choice, not because they can’t go),  married, divorce etc….  how lifes can be so different for people…. Education is a very expensive thing in Indonesia, we don’t have goverment asssitant, no such thing as financial aid. So its very dissapointing for me to see lots of young people here in America waste such opportunity….



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